The Concept

Beginning with a palette of elegant centerpieces, you decide how your pieces will be worn. Wear them with chains, chokers, pearls, or different complimentary metals.

The key to these possibilities is our patented link technology. Unseen from the front or sides, a variety of bails and clips connect securely to the back of each piece, giving the appearance of fixed, unalterable jewelry

How it works

About Tess Headley

Tess’ journey from painter to inventor began with a fascination for the ancient art of goldsmithing, coupled with a question:  How to liberate fine jewelry from single venue enjoyment to every day pleasure?  In her late forties, her children grown, Tess happened on the idea of interchangeable jewelry that could be configured for any occasion.  The challenge was the coupling device, which required exacting precision not achievable using traditional methods.  However, with the advent of 3D design, Tess mastered that art and was able to produce prototypes and secure patents in 11 countries.

In the News

THE BEST OF THE WEST - Cowboys & Indians


When accessorizing, artist Tess Headley believes in starting with the "centerpiece," a statement necklace to elevate your ensemble.  From this came the inspiration for her self-titled jewelry line, which features a variety of interchangeable gold and sterling pendants with semi-precious stones.  Often referred to as the "Legos of Fine Jewelry," each of her designs is made with a patented coupling device that allows you to customize your look for any occasion by pairing it with your choice of chain or beads.


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